Marinas : A composition created for Susquehanna University’s modern dance class spring concert. This track was composed with the collaboration of Anne Doctor as well as all of the dancers who played musical interpretations of their dance phrases. The dance was created in the spirit of Merce Cunningham and John Cage, with little interaction between Peter Yumi and the dancers, once the dance was entirely choreographed Peter rehearsed his composition with the dancers two times before the performance on April 27th 2008.

Marinas Audio File

A few songs.
Crown on Sparrow
From recordings made last weekend of March 2008 with Teke O’Reilly on the Isle of Que.
Toronto for birds
A little on the quiet side, mixed low volume purposely.

Mi Joliop is a work in progress intended for an upcoming modern dance performance at Susquehanna University (April 2008), created using a single guitar loop, Ableton live, max/msp and field recordings from Japan.

For Modern Dance 2
Stage 2 of process in composing music for modern dance.

Dance 3
Stage Three of process in composing for modern dance

My Paul Bunyan
a composition for the Selinsgrove Speedway

Max/msp Ableton Composition.

Glitch Bitch Kitch
Music for performance with Karla Kelsey

Waitress brings Cream but no Coffee
Song inspired by true events

Son of a bitch
Phasing Experiment

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