The Machine in the Disappearing Room at Alto Gallery


My newest work and my first solo show is currently on display at Alto Gallery  April 6th-May 19th 2018.

The past several months I have been working on new work I am calling The Disappearing Room.   I created this work from some rough sketches I made during 2016-17.  I wanted to create work that was FUN and at the same time work that would create conversation about how and why we interact so obsessively on social media platforms.  I wrote a book to parody our behavior on social media, using the ancient Chinese fortune telling I-CHING as a reference for the book I titled The Machine: Your Future With Social Media.   During the process of creating this work I created a “performance” on social media to parody how we behave while on social media.  I created some funny posters to make fun of how social media has created a culture of news that even from the most reliable sources has raised suspicion from all of us. Most importantly I wanted to address how our patterns of behavior have become something that is bought and sold.

I wrote a book called The Machine: Your Future With Social Media , you can download it here: THEMACHINEBOOK

Are we more than the patterns of behavior of our day to day life ?  How do you define yourself ? Can we break free of the patterns that define our self to others ?

If you say, “How am I to save energy?” then you have created a pattern of an idea -how to save it- and then conduct your life according to that pattern; therefore, there begins again a contradiction. Whereas if you perceive for yourself where your energies are being wasted, you will see that the principal force causing the waste is conflict which is having a problem and never resolving it, living with a deadly memory of something gone, living in tradition. One has to understand the nature of the dissipation of energy, and the understanding of the dissipation of energy is not according to Shankara, Buddha or some saint, but the actual observation of one’s daily conflict in life. So the principal waste of energy is conflict which doesn’t mean that you sit back and be lazy. Conflict will always exist as long as the idea is more important than the fact.

J. Krishnamurti,




During the process of getting the word out about my new work to the world, I created some posters that have little or nothing to do with the actual work that is hanging in the gallery, but point to some of the questions and ideas about the absurdity of our social media world. I create parody newspapers and headlines as “advertisements” to make my view of our current media climate obvious, I made myself into a product or a brand.





If you are in Denver, Colorado and have some time, please visit my current exhibit.  Write me email and tell me about your experience.