Disappearing Room/ The Machine

The past 9 months I have been working on a new work called ” Disappearing Room” .  I’ve invented a Machine that can predict and give advice for users about what to post and not to post, onto their social media accounts.  By interacting with The Machine, visitors can send their thoughts and prayers out into the globally connected electronic nervous system, to help increase the number of ” Friends, Followers and Likes” on their social media accounts.   How does it work ? you may ask ? It’s really quite simple, the machine harnesses the power of prayer when you spin the any one of the dozens of cubes on the machine.  By spinning the cubes your prayers, hopes and wishes psychically spin off of the cubes into the global electronic nervous system, thus helping to increase the number of “Friends, Followers and Likes” for YOUR social media pages.  It’s not magic, it’s SCIENCE ! based on thousands of years of knowledge acquired from humans practicing meditation and cataloging how humans excel at pattern recognition.

Come Visit The Machine: April 6th-May 19th at Alto Gallery in Denver, Colorado.