7/S Denver Haus

Recently some of my work was purchased by 7/S Denver Haus .  They hosted a reception and viewing for all of the work that is on display in their apartment building. I was floored by how gorgeous this building is. The staff working for 7/S were so gracious and kind, I had one of the best evenings I have had in recent memory attending the event they hosted. I met some incredible artists and made some new friends that evening. The building is located in the Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood near the downtown area, living there would be fantastic, close to museums, restaurants, bars and art galleries.  The first photo of one of my paintings in this post is hanging in the lobby of the building, it was such a great feeling walking into the building and seeing my work as I walked in. I’m deeply honored to have my work in this building, I would recommend to anyone looking for housing in the Denver area to take a look at this building. The rooftop terrace has this terrific view of the city and mountains that are breathtaking.   I added some photos of myself here as well wearing an actual suit, which seems a little odd to me as I am rarely if ever out of my studio/work clothes.