Inventamos a paisagem

I’m currently working on new abstract work entitled :Inventamos a Paisagem ( we invent the landscape) . This new work although abstract, contains a narrative, about the ecological destruction of our planet sometime in our near future. The leaders of our planet knowing that humanity is facing possible extinction, decide to kidnap uncontacted native Brazilians and force them to become astronauts to colonize a planet orbiting the star Proxima B. The story is told from the remaining humans living on Earth some 200 years after the ecological disaster. The remaining humans on earth abandon all technology and return to living as hunter gathers and strive to maintain a simpler existence. The story that they tell their children is about the ecological disaster and how the Brazilian Natives were kidnapped against their will to colonize another planet never to be heard from again. The paintings and collage included in this body of work were created from the perspective of those remaining humans on earth attempting to tell the story of how humanity destroyed our planet.