Helikon Gallery Upcoming show September 18th


Announcing “Stratum: New Works by Naomi Scheck & Peter Yumi,” opening this September at Helikon Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Stratum is an exhibition between Scheck and Yumi that features never before seen large and small scale abstract works from both artists. The term ‘stratum,’ meaning layers or levels, reflects not just the complex, layered technique that the artists are known for, but also the explorations of overlapping relationships of birth, growth, decay, and death in Scheck’s pieces and the underlying commentary on self identity and social stratum that Yumi works into his mixed media artwork. The exhibit strikes a balance between Naomi Scheck’s quiet, sprawling compositions and Peter Yumi’s colorful, dense collage paintings, harmonizing in the meticulous obsession and careful design employed across the entire body of work. Viewers will experience a staggering amount of detail whether they are close or viewing from afar, owing to Scheck’s almost unbelievable dedication to micro-details and Yumi’s keen eye for the beauty within gritty fragments of paper, photo, and paint.

Entry to the exhibit is free and open to the public, with complimentary food and drink at all receptions. The entire listing of works will be available online at www.helikongallery.com/shop following the opening reception.

Also, join us for a free, informal Artist Talk with both Naomi and Peter on Saturday, October 3 at 1:00pm. Audience members will have a chance for Q&A and will gain insights into the thoughts and techniques that the artists explore.

About the Artists
Naomi Scheck was born in Portland, Oregon in 1983. She received her MFA in Drawing from Colorado State University in 2013. Scheck is influenced by her understanding of the natural world as being in constant flux and explores processes of growth and decay in her mixed media work. She uses an intricate and meticulous process of cutting, mark making, and staining to manipulate her surfaces. Scheck currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

Additional work and info can be found at www.naomischeck.com.

Peter ‘Strange’ Yumi was born in Beatrice, Nebraska and moved to Colorado at age two. He was largely self taught as an artist until attending The Mass Art Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center MFA program. He believes in hard work and strict studio discipline while at the same time maintaining a balance of playfulness and curiosity that are key to his artistic practice. He is currently learning Portuguese and spends what little free time he has reading, exercising and gardening.

Additional work and info can be found at peteryumi.wordpress.com.

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