New Things

ImageI have been working on developing new processes for my work. The next few weeks I want to share that process. The past two years, I have been working diligently developing my own voice and ‘my own’ style. The next few weeks I want to push that process even further.

Some of the artists I have been looking at the past few weeks rather closely are.

George Perez, amazing Comic artist. amazing work, can be seen in comics and here

David Wojnarowicz , amazing scope of work, here is a link to a film he made

Vanessa Lamounier de Assis, I have been following her work consistently for the past year or so, her work has had a huge influence on some of my choices in my own work.  you can see her work here

Zach Searcy, I started following his work sometime ago, I really like how his collage is continually changing and he is not afraid to take risks.

I have also been looking at a huge amount of Star Trek, Star Wars, reading lots of sci-fi and reading lots of books on meditation and science.  Just filling my mind with as many of the wonderful things that exist on this planet.

Here is a collage I made yesterday