Hottest Summer on Record..

This summer has been one of the hottest summers on record here in the US, and here in Colorado we have had drought and worse yet wild fires to contend with.  To make matters far, far worse…

Today ,I woke up to hear the news of the Batman Massacre here in Colorado. The shooting on record as being one of the worst shooting in US history, 12 dead at the time of this writing and over 50 injured many critically. What has happened is one of the most horrible crimes imagined here in Colorado since the Columbine Shootings. A 3 month old baby was shot during the rampage.  I am not going to use this posting to write about my political feelings about gun control etc, but rather I just want to in some way voice my extreme sadness and sorrow for all of the lives lost and those that were injured.
Please do not allow events like this to detour you from your goals of being the amazing human beings you truly are.  The fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, preachers, fireman, artists, scientists, teachers, musicians, keep working to make the world just a little bit better day by day, with all your love and grace and spirit we can shape our world into an even more beautiful and amazing place.