Top Ten Collages of 2011

Top Ten Collages of 2011

This is a list of my favorite collages of 2011. There are hundreds more that I would like to include in the list. I picked these collage for a number of reason, some because they influenced my work, some because they are just gorgeous and deserve to be seen by as many people as possible and some I picked because they are funny and made me laugh

Prayer Time : Nicholas Lockyer this guys work is just poetic and dream like. I emailed him a few months ago and asked if I could put some of his collage on my Collage Fancy page. I still need to do so, I have been neglecting collage fancy.


Number 9 Nick Sitton

This work is really influencing my current work. I really love how simple the process is but they create complicated forms and shapes. WONDERRFUL

Number 8 Vanessa Lamounier de Assis

Vanessa’s work is beyond amazing. I look at her flickr page often, sometimes waiting for her to post new work. She is truly a remarkable talent.

Number 7 Diego Gravinese

I really was blown away by the sheer raw power of these collages. So simple of a process but a beautiful poetry exists from the selection of images.

Number 6 Lewis Minor

I can’t say anything but GORGEOUS ! I love this work.

Ciencias Naturales



the anthem

Number 4 Derrick Tyson

Bizzare and wonderful use of abstraction of form.. check out more of his stuff it really is remarkable.

The Modern Goddess of Satirical Mutilations

Number 3 Mumuri

This collage was a real stand out for me when I first saw it and made the rounds in my email with several other collage artists I know..

Houston we have a problem

Number 2 Otto Magnus

He has been one of my favorite collage artists over the past year, his work is absolutely wonderful, what I like about his flickr page is that he is not afraid to show is process and his progress. He is really a dedicated artist and is always commenting on others work and really making more work than other artists I know..

p (80)

Number 1 lucas chimello simões

This work continues to inform my work every single day I work. I am constantly looking at his process. If you look through his flickr page he has a few photos where he shows you how he made these truly unique and amazing collage.. I suggest you go back in time to his very first photo that he posted on flickr and then you really get a chance to see how his style developed into what he is doing today..