No nothing new

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street Protest now since its start. I cannot get enough of it, while I am a virtual house plant working away at my cubicle job, barely able to keep up with my bills and save, I can really relate to the protestors, I am there in spirit, sadly I am not able to be there physically.

I have still been slugging away at my daily practice of collage making, but I have changed my routine slightly, I used to listen to NPR or some other news source while I was working. I had to turn off NPR because of their lack of interest in reporting on the protest. While listening to Talk of the Nation the other day I couldn’t help but become irritated at the hosts question “where as the left gone?” The left has always been here, they have been ignored by what many of us now call National Petroleum Radio. So now I listen to music and enjoy soothing sounds instead of out of touch pseudo-liberal mouths afraid of actual journalism because the cow toe to the radical right who have taken over this country.


It’s been nice to work in this new manner and my work has changed because of it. I’ve started thinking about how to work with my images with the idea in mind of working with negative space and have started to develop means to create “accidents” with overlapping of images. The way I have gone about this is I have started looking at the root of the image, or what makes up the whole of the image I start with, then after staring for awhile I start looking at it’s parts and then look to see what parts of the whole do not add up to the whole and start removing those. Before I was looking at things as wedges, things that came in between the complete image and starting images, which created this issue of either part of images, could be included or they had to be excluded, there was no room for allowing for a plurality of images to work together. So I’ve started photographing bits of paper, rubbing out inks with erasers, photographing, again and scanning images in and then introducing new elements by cutting on top of dissolved and distorted images. This week I’ve given up on having different images in my collage speaking to each other as opposites or rhymes and started melding the images together into a cohesive whole. I am really excited to see where these images take themselves and me.