Classic Masculine Scent and Time Ticks or Ticks of Time

I can’t stop thinking about Gertrude Stein today, I was thinking about her quite a bit last night while I was working on a collaborative video project with two LA area artists. First let me say that working online with other artists is like working online with other artists, if you are making art with artists online you are making art online and if you are online making art you are online making art, making online art or online making art. Either way or which ever way you look at it making art or online making art or being online and making art online or making you essentially are making art. So if you are making art online you are for certain making art while online if you’re online making art you are most likely making art online.


Cycles or being in a cycle or making things that cycle back into another cycle is something that I am really concerning this new video with. It came to me while I was in the showering, showering in the shower I thought about how I was in the shower showering and if I was not in the shower I would be in the shower again at some point or another, it’s a bit of an annoyance to me that some of the best ideas come to me while showering or to be more apt while showering the best ideas come to me. The Devil must have decided to come into the shower and interrupt me with ideas while in the shower, the devil could not come into my head while I am sitting in my studio working, instead I am in the showering and the devil decides to interrupt me while in the shower showering. Which brings me to my newest brand of soap that I recently purchased that I really love that this soap I purchased has on the bottle that I purchased that reads Classic Masculine Scent, right on the bottle of soap that I purchased, what does that mean anyway ? Classic masculine scent, some other masculine scents are not classic, I am interested in knowing what the soap that is not classically masculine smells like, the new hip urban scent, what does that smell like? Smells like bullshit to me. Showering has its moments where it provides insights like the soap that one is washing ones self with and washing of with soap provides insights into the moments that one is showering with. It came to me while I was in the shower the other day while I was showering in the shower that if I was not showering I would at some point or another be in the shower at some point using a classic masculine scent at some point showering with a scent that is class and masculine.


So I am making a video about cycles about things coming back into things, about time that does not really become new but really time becomes something that once was because it’s the same thing as it was before but at a different time. Moments are like that, they become a translucent tick, not the kind of the body, but the kind that attaches themselves to the body, ticks sucking, who knows what they suck but they suck something, that tick is not time itself, but rather what the tick sucks is what nurtures it and makes it time. So sucking time is what a tick does and a tick is time and sucking time is what makes a tick time. Why is the tick translucent? Have you ever seen time? I haven’t but I have seen things that let me know that a translucent tick is about sucking time. That is what the video about, how things grow and decay and then become new things all the time, growing off time, really when we say we are aging we are just saying that time is transforming us into something new, a tick of time has attached itself to us in a way and what we see as decay is really just changing into something new or to put it another way we are changing into something new as the tick of time attaches itself to us.